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5 ways to experience harvest season in santa barbara, CA

Sep 16, 2021

5 Ways to Experience Harvest Season in Santa Barbara

Fall is the most exciting time of year to visit Santa Barbara’s wine country. Harvest is in full swing, and vineyards and production facilities are all abuzz with activity. When the timing and conditions are just right, grapes get picked and brought in to start the process of crushing, pressing, and fermenting. For wine tasters,
The perks of a midweek visit at Santa Barbara Hotel Group

Sep 02, 2021

The Perks of a Midweek Visit

5 Reasons to Book Your Next Stay Monday through Friday We often get asked about the best time to visit Santa Barbara and our hotels. Santa Barbara’s Mediterranean climate offers attractive weather year-round, so there is truly no “bad” time of year or off-season. As a result, weekends are always busy and buzzing here on
Transport yourself to the mediterranean at Santa Barbara Hotel Group

Aug 19, 2021

Transport Yourself to the Mediterranean

Embrace Santa Barbara’s European ambiance Santa Barbara has been considered the “American Riviera” for well over a century. That’s because the landscape of the city is evocative of the iconic French and Italian Rivieras, with the backdrop of a dramatic mountain range towering above the sparkling Pacific, the abundant bougainvillea and lush citrus trees, and
8 ways to chill out in santa barbara, CA

Jul 14, 2021

8 Ways to Chill Out in Santa Barbara

Beat the heat with a coastal getaway to the American Riviera Summer is on full blast and things are really heating up across the country. When you’re ready to cool down, Santa Barbara offers the ideal coastal getaway. Here on the American Riviera, you’ll find plenty of sunshine and summer fun paired with moderate average
7 ways to live your best life in santa barbara this summer

Jun 21, 2021

7 Ways to Live Your Best Life in Santa Barbara this Summer

Summer is upon us, travel is back, and some genuinely good times are waiting to be had here in Santa Barbara—where every day has the potential to be “the best day ever.” Think days beginning with a sunrise hike on a mountain trail and ending perched on the bow of a sailboat watching the sunset.
10 ways to savor spring in santa barbara

Apr 07, 2021

10 Ways to Savor Spring in Santa Barbara

Spring is in full bloom, the days are getting longer, and Santa Barbara’s broader travel reopening is well underway. Our four inviting hotels are here to welcome you—the pools are open, bikes are at the ready, and our gardens are as lush and vibrant as after in the wake of winter’s rains. Whether you’re looking
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