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National Plan for Vacation Day: January 29th

By: Kristyn Huang / 08 Jan 2019
National plan for vacation day: january 29th

National Plan for Vacation Day is just around the corner – do you have your next vacation planned?  Studies show those who utilize their vacation time regularly are healthier physically and emotionally, often perform better at work and have a higher degree of satisfaction in relationships.

5 Reasons to Use your Vacation Time

Improve your health – Practicing self care is not a new concept, however is one that is becoming increasingly discussed. Achieving a proper work/life balance has incredible health benefits. Those who take time to slow down and vacation often have improved sleep hygiene and lower rates of anxiety and depression.

Practice Presence – In a world that is constantly connected, taking time to unplug and be fully present is a rarity but a necessity. On vacation you can fully disconnect and immerse yourself in the present moment, and you may be surprised at the freedom you find.

Spark Creativity – Whether you are exploring a new city or simply resting on a beach, traveling cultivates inspiration and creativity. If you are feeling a void of these in your life, perhaps spending time in a new environment is just what you need.

Make Memories – Whether you are present or not, memories are being made. Don't miss out on precious moments with family and friends.

Achieve Success at Work – Studies show that those who regularly take vacation, are more likely to be promoted at work. After recharging and returning to work with fresh inspiration, your productivity is likely to increase..

5 Tips to help you Plan

Book Direct – In a world of Expedia, Kayak, and, the travel planning world can be convoluted and confusing. While heading to a travel site listed above can be appealing, their rates are often not the lowest available. Always check the direct website first for specials and rates that aren't available anywhere else.

Pay Attention to the Fine Print – In an increasingly competitive market, airlines and hotels are often turning to add on fees to keep their rate low but to make up the extra revenue. At SBHG, we never have resort fees, parking fees, or internet fees. The rate you book is truly the rate you pay. Enjoy thoughtful in-room and on property amenities that are always included in the cost of your room.

Travel Mid-Week When You Can – It's no secret that weekends are often busier for hotels and airlines, especially in popular tourist destinations. If you can, plan your vacation Sunday-Thursday to enjoy lower rates and fewer crowds.

 Sign up for Rewards and Specials – Many hotels and airlines offer exclusive discounts for those who sign up for their email list. Sign up now to receive exclusive offers from SBHG.

Reserve EarlyIf you know that you are traveling during a high occupancy time frame (holidays, summer vacation, long weekends) be sure to make your reservation early to secure the best rate.

Ready to plan your next vacation? Make a reservation now.