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About this event

This event is an 18 and over event. You will need your ID to enter the venue. Refunds will not be issued if you are denied entrance because you are under the required age or dont have proof or your age.Halloween Costumes are welcomed and encouraged. But we do have a few policies that need to be followed for everyones safety.1- If you plan on wearing a mask/face makeup and plan to drink then we must be able to tell that your ID clearly belongs to you. This means a removable mask or face makeup that doesnt completely change everything about your face, etc. In short terms, if we cant tell the ID is you we cant allow you to drink. 2- Most costume accessories are ok. But they must be made of soft plastic and cant be anything made out of metal, solid heavy plastic, wood, etc. For example, no real bats, knives, swords etc. Also please note, any type of gun accessory will not be allowed unless it is 10% obvious that it is fake. For example, a blow up plastic gun, or a bright plastic colored gun. Black guns (even with an orange tip) will not be allowed in.We hope you understand that all of this is for the protection of everyone attending as well as our staff. We want everyone attending our Halloween themed shows to have a safe and fun time. We look forward to seeing you at the following Halloween themed events:10/27 - Gasolina Party10/28 - Brooks Nelson (of the Growlers)10/31 - Amigo The Devil